Voluntariado en AAP Primadomus

We are looking urgently for a volunteer for Primate department.

If you are interested, please, keep reading and check what we ofer and what we ask for.


It was one of the best experiences in my life, I wouldn't change anything. I'm very grateful for meeting you all and I hope to see you again. Thank you for everything 

Sara Rodríguez Arias, volunteer from Spain


It was an amazing experience and I'm so thankful for all the things I have learned and all the great people I have met. Keep up the good work, see you soon

Rita Quintela, volunteer from Spain

Keep working hard for this amazing place. I'm grateful for everything I've learned and the great time I had. See you, hopefuly, again!

Charlotte Andrieu, volunteer from Belgium 


Voluntariado en Cuidado Animal

Te estamos esperando para trabajar en AAP Primadomus Centro de Rescate de Villena Alicante. Necesitamos voluntarios para CUIDADO ANIMAL, tanto para el Departamento de Primates como para el Departamento de Grandes Felinos. (Otras opciones de voluntariado al final  la página)


Se trabajará en una de las áreas del departamento de  Cuidado Animal (primates o felinos) de AAP Primadomus. Dependiendo de tu experiencia el voluntariado consiste en: limpieza de instalaciones, alimentación, preparación de dietas y enriquecimiento ambiental, equipamiento de las instalaciones. Otras tareas (administrativas, observación de animales, etc.)


Inglés medio. Compromiso con el bienestar animal. Disponibilidad de al menos 3 meses. Tener más de 18 años. Residente en la Unión Europea.

¿Qué ofrecemos?:

Alojamiento y transporte desde Villena hasta el lugar de trabajo. Formación especializada en el cuidado de animales exóticos para mejorar tu currículum. Practicar inglés, y si eres extranjero, español. Una experiencia personal única. Trabajar con un equipo de expertos completamente dedicado y profesional

¿Cómo inscribirse? Envía en inglés a PD-volunteers@aap-primadomus.org  

  • Disponibilidad: desde qué fecha puedes y durante cuánto tiempo (3, 4, ..., 9 meses, 1 año)
  • Carta de motivación y CV especificando el área de interés prioritario: Primates o Felinos, indistinto

¿Quieres más información?

Volunteering in Animal Care

We are waiting for you to work at the AAP Primadomus Rescue Center of Villena Alicante. We also need future volunteers for both our ANIMAL CARE Departments (Primates/Big Cats).  Other volunteer options at the bottom of the page


Work will be performed at one of the 4 modules at the Animal Care department in Primadomus. Depending on your degree of independency and experience, you will deal with (in following order). Cleaning the enclosures. Serve out food. Some food preparation. Making and serve out environmental enrichments. Equipping enclosures. All other occurring activities (administrative tasks, behavioral observations, etc.)


Intermediate English. Commitment to animal welfare. Availability, minimum 3 months. To be over 18 years old. EU resident

What we offer?:

Accommodation and transportation from Villena to the workplace. Specialised training in the care of exotic animals to improve your curriculum. English language practice, and if you are a foreigner, Spanish. A unique personal experience. Work with a team of fully dedicated and professional experts

How to register? Send in English your CV and a covering letter to PD-volunteers@aap-primadomus.org

more info needed?

Aquí puedes consultar otras ofertas de voluntariado (en comunicación, mantenimiento...) en AAP Primadomus.

Por el momento no hay vacantes.

Contact me about voluntary work in AAP Foundation (Almere and Primadomus rescue centers)

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FAQ for volunteers


AAP has many national and international partners, among which Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi. Various animals that AAP has rescued, found a new home in Lilongwe. Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi’s only sanctuary for injured and orphaned wild animals. As the world’s only ‘People and Wildlife’ centre extensive education and community outreach programmes are also run to promote conservation. Volunteers are crucial in supporting their work in animal care, vet assistance, primate release, education, community outreach, marketing and/or construction. Placements are available from 2 weeks (£850) to 3 months (£2695) including all food, accommodation, work related transport and airport transfers (excluding flights).

And if you can’t make it to Malawi...there is also lots you can do to help as a ‘virtual volunteer’.

One of the volunteers made this nice video about working at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre:

If you want to make a difference and would like to know more, then email lilongwewildlife@gmail.com or go to www.lilongwewildlife.org.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre Malawi

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